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N male To N Female Gas Tube Surge Protector

N male To N Female Gas Tube Surge Protector

N Male to N Female quarter wave arrester is consist of two N female connection point. It is an important accessory between BTS and base station antenna. It plays an important role to protect telecom equipment and system against instant high voltage.

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RF surge protector (also known as lightning arrester) from Huajian Electronics is manufactured to precise radio frequency component standards for protection from electrical surges. This RF surge protector component is manufactured with N connectors and they are 50 Ohm. Our in-line coaxial N surge / lightning protector / arrester uses mafemale connectors.

N Female to N Female Bulkhead RF Coaxial Lightning Surge Protector


■ N Female to N Female■ Gas Discharge type 
■ 50ohm■ Bulkhead Attachment 
■ IP65 or IP67 waterproof design■ Low VSWR


N-series coaxial antenna-fed surge protectors are connected in series in antenna feeder circuits. They are widely used in various communication base stations, satellite communications, wireless communications, navigation, radar and other fields to protect communication equipment from lightning strikes and surges. Normally used for broadband protection and with feed function, the following three points should be noted when selecting a suitable coaxial antenna-fed surge protector:

1.Characteristic impedance matching: The characteristic impedance of the antenna feeder system is divided into 50 ohms and 75 ohms. When the coaxial antenna-fed surge protector is selected, the characteristic impedances of the two should match.

2.Proper use frequency: The frequency range of the coaxial antenna-fed surge protector should include the operating frequency of the feeder system

3.The interface type is the same: the interface type of the coaxial antenna-fed surge protector should be the same as the feeder interface type of the protected device, and pay attention to the male and female cooperation.


1.Wide frequency range, low insertion loss and attenuation.

2.Large capacity, low level of residual voltage

3.Reliable performance,excellent transmission performance.

4.Small size and easy maintenance

5.Suitable for working in severe environment

6.low standing wave ratio to ensure that the lightning arrester does not interfere with the normal    operation of the system.




Frequency Range




Insertion Loss


AC Working Voltage

4000V / 1 Min No Breakdown and No Arcing Phenomenon

Dielectric Resistance


Contact Resistance

Center Contact ≤0.4mΩ

Outer Contact ≤0.2 mΩ

Max. Peak Power

3000 Watt

Impulse discharge current


Residual impulse Voltage(1kV/μs)




Mating cycles ≥500

Material and Plating

Parts Name(Components)


Plating (Finish)



Suco plating



Inner Conductor

Phosphor Bronze


Coupling Nut







Silicone Rubber

Hardware Kits

Stainless Steel


Operating Temperature

45 °C-85 °C

Weatherproof Rate

IP65 or IP67

RoHS (2002/95/EC)

Compliant by exemption

Where N lighting protector working at?
N lighting protector is installed between base station tower and BTS to prevent telecom equipment against lighting surge voltage.

Product installation:

1. In order to reliably prevent lightning strikes, an antenna-fed surge protector can be connected in series between the antenna output end and the input end of the protected device, which is most suitable for installation near the line entrance end and sensitive equipment. In areas where there is less lightning, the antenna can be used without an amplifier. The interface type should be matched during installation. If there is no match, the coaxial adapter can be selected for interface conversion. The installation method is series. The RF coaxial cable connectors at both ends must be tightened to ensure good sealing of the joints. Waterproofing must be taken during outdoor use. Do not allow rainwater to immerse into the interior to cause corrosion damage.

2. The effectiveness of a coaxial antenna-fed surge protector is highly dependent on its installation, especially its connection to the grounding grid. The following points must be strictly observed:

1. Equipotential bonding: All installed protectors must be connected to a single ground point (or grounding grid)

2. Optimize the connection between the surge protector and the grounding grid: in order to minimize the residual voltage caused by the surge, the wiring of the grounding grid must be as short as possible (less than 50cm), and the cross section of the grounding conductor should be as large as possible (minimum 6mm2) The other end is reliably connected to the grounding busbar of the lightning protection system. It can be installed in "straight-through" mode (directly mounted on the grounding plate using the flange)

3. Protector installation position: most suitable for installation near the line entrance and sensitive equipment

Product Maintenance:

After proper installation, it can work stably for a long time, and this product does not require special maintenance. When the system fails, the surge protector can be removed and checked. If the system returns to normal, the surge protector has been damaged. The possible cause is that the internal discharge tube is damaged and should be replaced immediately. Those who have the condition can regularly check whether the nominal conduction voltage of the antenna feeder surge protector meets the requirements of the index, and if it does not meet, it must be replaced.



We passed ISO9001 and ISO14001. SGS and RoHS report can be provided  


Q: what’s your company MOQ?

A: MOQ is flexible; we accept trial order in the inial stage.

Q: What's your delivery time?

A: usually between 7 and 10 working days.

Q: Can your company accept customization?

A: OEM & ODM acceptable. we have strong R&D ability, providing customers with technical support.

Q: what is after sale service?

A: 6 months warranty. We can provide technical support after sales.

Q: what is sample policy?

A: we can provide samples for free excluding shipping fees.

Q: what is payment terms?

A: we accept T/T and L/C, it is negotiable

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