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N Male Hex Nut Connector LMR200

N Male Hex Nut Connector LMR200

Type N connector insulation materials generally include ptfe, polypropylene and modified polystyrene, among which ptfe has the best insulation performance but high production cost. The material and structure of the connector affect the difficulty and efficiency of the connector processing, so...

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Product Details

Type N connectors are classified as miniature connectors, but are of medium size in use. The well-designed n-type connector can provide low loss interconnection at 11 GHz and the model with optimal precision up to 18 GHz. The screw joint can be used in conjunction with larger size cables such as RG213 to provide robust design and excellent fit for some larger coaxial cables. Applications include passive/active components used in broadcast electronics, aviation, telecommunications base stations, and base stations

Technical Data

Electrical Data

Characteristic Impedance

50ohm, 75ohm

Frequency Range


Working Voltage

1000 V R.M.S(max at sea level)

Dielectric Withstanding Voltage

1500 V R.M.S(min at sea level)


Straight: ≤1.15(0-3Ghz)

Contact Resistance

Inner: 1.5 milliohms(max)

Outer: 0.2 milliohms(max)

Insulation Resistance

5000M ohm(min)

Mechanical Data

Durability Mating

500 Cycles min.

Material Data 

Connector Parts





Nickel or Cu/Sn/Zn

Male Pin


Gold or Sliver





Silicone Rubber




Environmental   Data

Temperature Range


Note: We can provide other materials   and plating specifications according to customers ‘requests

For LMR200 Cable

LMR-200 flexible coax cable is 50 Ohm and has a PE (F) dielectric. ... LMR-200 coax has a shield count of 2, a RF shielding of 90 dB and the maximum frequency for this Pasternack cable is 5.8 GHz. LMR-200 coax cable has an attenuation at 1 GHz of 10.5 dB.



Dust cap for each pcs.

10 pcs /plastic bag, 3 plastic bag/box.

How To Find The Most Suitable Connector For Your Electrical Needs


If you're searching for a reliable operation system, then you may got to confirm that you simply get the simplest connector for your wants. victimization the correct connector makes it straightforward for you to handle the system and it'll prevent from pricey repairs. you may got to conduct a pursuit on the simplest cables and connectors before shopping for and considering a number of things will assist you build the method winning.


The Electrical wants


The current and voltage necessities ought to act as guides to the simplest connector that may serve all of your wants. Having the correct variety of contacts is very important, however there's conjointly got to make sure that every will handle the facility demands of the applying. keep in mind to envision the scale of the contact, insulation materials, spacing and stuff pure mathematics as a result of all of them play a task on the voltage rating of your connector and the way sensible it's in handling the requirements that you simply have.


The Housing Material


The materials utilized in creating your connector will verify however reliable it seems to be for you. It will verify the load and value of the connector furthermore. Plastic connectors are sensible for disposable and restricted reprocess applications, whereas brass connectors that have chrome or nickel coating ar additional sturdy and wear resistant. you may conjointly think about chrome steel connectors for environments that are corrosive or for food trade applications. it'd be easier for you to start out by considering your application then matching it with the simplest connector material that will not allow you to down.


The connector options


Does the connectors have sensible semiconducting properties? will it face up to high temperatures? Is it flame retardant? These are a number of the queries that may assist you build the correct alternative together with your connector. they'll tell you the way powerful and appropriate the connectors are for your application wants then mustn't be taken as a right. think about each feature that you simply}r connector has and relate it to your wants just to take care that you are shopping for a connector you'll totally think about.

Factory Overview:






HUAJIAN connector is one in every of the simplest you'll opt for these days. it's useful and has all connector properties and options that may provide you with a straightforward time handling your electrical wants in any given setting.

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