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N Male Crimp Connector LMR600 Cable

N Male Crimp Connector LMR600 Cable

Type N connector insulation materials generally include ptfe, polypropylene and modified polystyrene, among which ptfe has the best insulation performance but high production cost. The material and structure of the connector affect the difficulty and efficiency of the connector processing, so...

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Product Details

Technical Data

Electrical Data

Characteristic Impedance

50ohm, 75ohm

Frequency Range


Working Voltage

1000 V R.M.S(max at sea level)

Dielectric Withstanding Voltage

1500 V R.M.S(min at sea level)


Straight: ≤1.15(0-3Ghz)

Contact Resistance

Inner: 1.5 milliohms(max)

Outer: 0.2 milliohms(max)

Insulation Resistance

5000M ohm(min)

Mechanical Data

Durability Mating

500 Cycles min.

Material Data 

Connector Parts





Nickel or Cu/Sn/Zn

Male Pin


Gold or Sliver





Silicone Rubber




Environmental   Data

Temperature Range


Note: We can provide other materials   and plating specifications according to customers ‘requests

For LMR600 Cable


The name of the rf coaxial cable is related to its structure. Rf coaxial cable is also one of the most common transmission media in LAN. It a pair of conductor is intended to convey information in accordance with a layer of the outer conductor of cylinder type set, 

outside of the conductor (a thin core), isolated from each other with insulating material between two conductors choose the structure of the system, and the outer conductor and the center axis core's center on the same axis, it is called a rf coaxial cable, rf coaxial cable is designed in this way, but also to prevent external electromagnetic wave interference signal transmission.


Rf coaxial cable can be divided into thick coaxial cable and thin coaxial cable according to its diameter. Thick cable is suitable for the relatively large local network, its standard long distance, high reliability, because do not need to cut off the cable installation, 


Copper connector


Copper is one in every of the foremost wide used metals with highest electrical physical phenomenon and thus offers negligible resistance to the flow of electricity. it's improbably sturdy so it are often wont to create connectors for a good vary of applications. Over alternative metallic connectors, it's extremely most well-liked thanks to its softness and value. prime quality copper connectors area unit extruded from a hundred electrolytic copper and copper strip may also be wont to create such things. the extent of performance depends on the heaviness so the sunshine weight ones area unit of higher performance.


The copper connectors area unit utilized in electrical equipment, plumbing, power plants, house hold uses and plenty of additional. For best mechanical and electrical performance, it's created out of seamless ETP copper that has higher physical phenomenon. thanks to the anti-corrosive properties, it's invariably most well-liked over iron. The copper conductors area unit comparatively soft and thus easier to use altogether the applications. Since copper is non-toxic compared to steer, it's a safer choice. The connectors area unit specially designed to suit seamlessly with pipes in plumbing applications. in step with the sort of pipe used, there area unit differing kinds of connectors obtainable within the market.


The Assemblies and Raw Cable


When you have known a connectors you're feeling are best for the requirements that you simply have, you must conjointly take the time to outline cable assembly and raw cable. With connectors changing into smaller and smaller with time, you may find yourself with a little connector that doesn't support giant cables you wish to use. it's best that you simply} check each the connectors and also the cable at a similar time just to make sure that they're compatible. confer with your chosen provider to induce a custom raw cable you'll use with the connector and still meet your necessities. Some firms may even provide you with assembly services.


When selecting a connector, it's important to conduct a pursuit so you're positive you've got a connector that may face up to the surroundings it'll be exposed to and handle the applying it's required for simply fine.


HUAJIAN connector is one in every of the simplest you'll opt for these days. it's useful and has all connector properties and options that may provide you with a straightforward time handling your electrical wants in any given setting.

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