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N Female Crimp Connector LMR400

N Female Crimp Connector LMR400

Type N connector insulation materials generally include ptfe, polypropylene and modified polystyrene, among which ptfe has the best insulation performance but high production cost. The material and structure of the connector affect the difficulty and efficiency of the connector processing, so...

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Product Details

Technical Data

Electrical Data

Characteristic Impedance

50ohm, 75ohm

Frequency Range


Working Voltage

1000 V R.M.S(max at sea level)

Dielectric Withstanding Voltage

1500 V R.M.S(min at sea level)


Straight: ≤1.15(0-3Ghz)

Contact Resistance

Inner: 1.5 milliohms(max)

Outer: 0.2 milliohms(max)

Insulation Resistance

5000M ohm(min)

Mechanical Data

Durability Mating

500 Cycles min.

Material Data 

Connector Parts





Nickel or Cu/Sn/Zn

Male Pin


Gold or Sliver





Silicone Rubber




Environmental   Data

Temperature Range


Note: We can provide other materials   and plating specifications according to customers ‘requests

For  LMR400 Cable or 7D-FB Cable 



With physical foaming polyethylene isolation copper conductors, is another layer of the outside of the layer insulation ring conductor outer conductor, outer conductor (shield) is made of copper strip forming, welding,Or aluminum tube structure; Or a braided structure, and then the entire cable is encased in a polyvinyl chloride sheath.

Characteristic impedance 50 Ω rf coaxial cable is mainly used for baseband signal transmission, the transmission bandwidth of 1 ~ 20 MHZ,

Generally the characteristic impedance of 50 Ω fine coaxial cable of the maximum transmission distance is 180 m, thick coaxial cable up to 1000 meters.


Dust cap for each pcs.

10 pcs /plastic bag, 3 plastic bag/box.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is your company MOQ?

A: usually MOQ is 500~1000pcs, we can negotiate.

Q: Can your company accept customization?

A: OEM and ODM are welcome.

Q: As a manufacturer, do you offer a custom 50 ohm coaxial rf connector?

-yes, of course. With strong r&d capability, we can design, develop and design rf coaxial connectors and adapters for customers and their markets.



Q:What is the quality of coaxial connectors and adapters?


-quality and reliability mean everything in our company. We have many advanced testing instruments, and follow very strict quality control requirements, from raw material selection, production process control to final electrical and environmental testing, this, in turn, serve our customers and ourselves.


Q:. Can you provide test reports for these n-type cable connectors?


-yes, of course. If the customer wants, we can provide the test report by email or hard copy.


Q: What kind of payment do you accept?


-t/T is the first choice, but we are open to West Union, credit card, Paypal, etc.


Q: If I place an order with you, when will it be shipped?


- we will arrange production on the same day we receive your advance payment. We will inform you of the latest production status one week before shipment. For our standard connectors, the delivery cycle is 3 to 5 weeks. For customized products, the delivery time should be negotiated before the order.

Factory Overview:






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