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The Develpment Trend Of SMA RF Coaxial Connector
- Sep 17, 2018 -

Technology is always developing, and various connector production technologies will continue to innovate. The development of sma RF connectors will have the following six characteristics:

1. Towards miniaturization

Miniaturization of SMA RF connectors: With the miniaturization of the whole system, the size of RF connectors is getting smaller and smaller, such as SSMB, MMCX, etc., which is very small.

2, to high frequency development

High Frequency of SMA RF Connectors: HP has introduced RF connectors with frequencies up to 110 GHz a few years ago. Domestic general-purpose products use no more than 40GHz. The flexible cable is used at frequencies not exceeding 10 GHz and the semi-rigid cables are not exceeding 20 GHz.

3, toward multi-functional development

The versatility of the SMA RF connector: in addition to the role of the bridge, it also has the function of processing signals, such as filtering, phase adjustment, mixing, attenuation, detection, limiting and so on.

4, to low standing wave, low loss development

Low standing wave, low loss: meet the needs of weapon systems and precision measurement.

5, to large capacity, high power development

The large capacity and high power of SMA RF connectors are mainly adapted to the development needs of the information superhighway.

6, surface mounting technology upgrade

Surface Mount: Mainly meets the development needs of SMT technology (surface mount technology), and is conducive to simplify the wiring structure design of multilayer printed boards.


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