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The Development Of N Type RF Coaxial Connector And Characteristics
- Jan 20, 2018 -

N-type connector, commonly known as N head, is a connector for coaxial cable, the full name Nut Connector (nut connector), for the screw connection, can be rotated lock. The Navy was a threaded connection, appearing in 1940 and mainly used in military systems up to 4GHz. It was improved in 1960 with the operating frequency increased to 12GHz and later increased to 18GHz, commonly used as 50Ω. Some 75Ω products adapts N-type design with smaller diameter of the conductor, which is not compatible with 50Ω connector.

N-type connector is a screw type, medium power connector, with high reliability, vibration resistance, excellent mechanical and electrical properties and other characteristics, widely used in vibration and environmental conditions of radio equipment and instruments, and the ground Launch system to connect RF coaxial cable.


HuaJian N connector structure is divided into male or female, the standard polarity or reverse polarity, impedance specifications for 50 ohms. N-type connector is divided into straight or right-angle shape and 4-hole flange, press-in, partition type, 2-hole panel, 4-panel or panel-free type. These N-type connectors are terminated with snap-in / solder, snap-in / solder (static contact), crimp / weld, field replaceable, welded or welded / welded. We offer N-type connector sub-standard performance or high-performance grade, the body is made of brass.