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7/16(DIN) RF Connector Introduction
- Apr 26, 2018 -

The Din-type connector, also known as the L29 (7/16) series, is a larger threaded coaxial puller produced in accordance with the relevant requirements of IEC169-4, CECC22230 and DIN47223. It has a mobile and robust, stable, low loss, operating voltage. High-level features, and most of them have a waterproof structure, can be used for outdoor work, high energy transmission connector, widely used in microwave transmission communication system.

Product features: 

Low intermodulation interference and low voltage VSWR guarantee system performance. The special gasket design gives the connector excellent waterproof and dustproof properties. Strong and stable thread connections further reduce the source of intermodulation interference. Silver-plated contact surface designers reduce contact resistance and ensure reliable, long-lasting high-quality connections. The nut design ensures easy hand and wrench tightening and easy installation.

 Electrical Characteristics
  Impedance  50Ω
  Frequency range  DC 0GHz/6GHz
  VSWR-Value  straight 1.04 at1GHz
  Insertion Loss  straight≤0.05dB raight angel≤0.2dB
  Proof Voltage (depending on cable type)  ≤4KV rms/50HZ
  Working Voltage(depending on cable type)  ≤2.7V rms/50HZ
  Insulation Resistance  ≥1GΩ
  Contact Resistance  Center Contact  ≤0.4MΩ
  Outer Contact  ≤1.5MΩ
  Mechanical Characteristics
  Center Contact retention force  6N
  Latch retention force  220-250N/m
  Cable retention force  ≥500N
  Mating Cycles  ≥500cycles
  Working Temperature Range  -65℃ up to +165℃
  Relative Humidity  MIL-STD-202
  Vibration  MIL-STD-202
  Corrosion  MIL-STD-202