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4.3-10 RF Connector Development Trend And Application
- Jan 20, 2018 -

With the continuous development of mobile communications, various communications supporting products have been greatly improved. In addition to the stable demand of customers for stable products, mature markets have also set higher and higher demands on the quality. RF connector as an essential part of the mobile communication system, the market continues to inspire and guide the entire RF connector industry has also shown a substantial growth trend.

At present, the mainstream 7/16 type and N type RF connectors are still used in the 4G base station system in China. According to the connector market research report, the demand of 7/16(DIN) type and N type RF connector  is expected to continue to grow. However, under the general trend of miniaturization, low intermodulation of base station systems, versatility of product structure, reduction of construction intensity, and rising labor costs, a new form of connector will emerge and inevitably emerge and gradually replace the original 7/16 type, N-type interface.

Currently, the more recognized connector type by major mobile communications equipment manufacturers, operators and industry experts, as alternative 7/16 type, N-type communication signal transmission interface form are 4.3-10 connector. The connector has been used widely in North America, Europe and other countries and regions, and customer demand keeps increasing.

4.3-10 connector features with following features:

1. The electrical and mechanical transmission are isolated and separated into two independent interfaces. When the signal transmission system is added, its electrical performance is not affected by the installation.

2. With wrench tightening, manual screwing and quick locking, three types of mounting structure, and 4.3-10 socket can be perfectly compatible with three different structures, and achieve the same electrical performance. Meanwhile, all of them have reached the highest connector Waterproof rating IP68, to provide customers with a richer choice;

3. Compared to 7/16 DIN connector, 4.3-10 connector size reduced by 40%, 60% weight reduction and size reduction. Its size is similar to N-type, but higher power withstand capability and intermodulation performance. 4.3-10 connector takes 7 / 16 advantages on electrical performance.

4. Has a very good electrical performance and very low PIM.

In order to keep pace with the development of the industry and meet the needs of the industry, Huajian Electronics signed a licensing agreement with the German kathrein (Catherine) Company on the 4.3-10 connector interface at the end of 2016 to avoid the problems and risks of the international patent of the product.